Wednesday, 1 June 2011

House Party Snippets #1

Hello people who hopefully like Rubix already,

Bridget here. Aka a member of Rubix. Aka one the three girls who doesn't like people how get us mixed up just because our names begin with a B. Aka the one who talks and types too much.

After scratching House Party at the Roundhouse a few months back, we're in the process of writing some more material for the show & planning on taking it to different locations. A fancy & professional showreel/trailer to show you what House Party is about is on its way, but like all good things, it's taking a while to edit it all together. So. We thought we'd film a few bits during a session in a corridor at the Roundhouse, guerrilla style. On my iPhone. You have been warned.

PS - We want to try and do one of these every so often so you know what we're getting up to. So there are more House Party Snippets to come!

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