Friday, 3 June 2011

House Party Snippets #2

House Party Snippet number two! Yay!

This time, an actual small section of cuts from the scratch performance in May. Us in all our House Party glory, surrounded by beer cans & empty pizza boxes, with cups in hand and speaking scenes of what happens at a nameless house party.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

House Party Snippets #1

Hello people who hopefully like Rubix already,

Bridget here. Aka a member of Rubix. Aka one the three girls who doesn't like people how get us mixed up just because our names begin with a B. Aka the one who talks and types too much.

After scratching House Party at the Roundhouse a few months back, we're in the process of writing some more material for the show & planning on taking it to different locations. A fancy & professional showreel/trailer to show you what House Party is about is on its way, but like all good things, it's taking a while to edit it all together. So. We thought we'd film a few bits during a session in a corridor at the Roundhouse, guerrilla style. On my iPhone. You have been warned.

PS - We want to try and do one of these every so often so you know what we're getting up to. So there are more House Party Snippets to come!